Scrunchie Insider Membership 2.0

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Secret handshake not mandatory, but definitely encouraged! An ode to the scrunchie obsessed, this membership is for die hard scrunchie fans and is loaded with limited edition prints, exclusive discounts, one of a kind freebies & so much more!

As a Scrunchie Insider you will receive an 8 month subscription to our Scrunchie of the Month Club. Let's read that again, shall we? SCRUNCHIE OF THE MONTH CLUB! It's a top knot dream come true. Let's talk about it.

The details:

  • Starting January 1, 2020, on the first of every month, Insiders will be shipped ONE SCRUNCHIE. Talk about happy mail!
  • Every Insider will be shipped the same scrunchies. You and your Insider friends are now part of a secret scrunchie club & no one outside of the club will EVER have access to your scrunchies. Insider Scrunchies are not available for retail purchase. Ever. Feel important yet? I'll keep going.
  • These aren't your average scrunchies. The entire 9 piece collection ( But wait, you said 8 month?! Shh, trust me) has been thoughtfully curated using premium fabrics, and chosen specifically for the month of the year it's featured in. FANCY!
  • Every Insider Scrunchie is a SURPRISE! Is there anything better than receiving a surprise in the mail? Yup, receiving one EVERY month! 
  • 9 scrunchies? Don't worry, I didn't fail Math. Insiders will be shipped a special BONUS SCRUNCHIE for their birthday! The birthday scrunchies are SO extra and SO fun - it's worth signing up just for them!
  • As always, our scrunchies are designed and hand crafted by Wooly Maple owner Ashley Burt in her home studio in London. Ont. 

Still looking for a reason to sign up?

Scrunchie Insiders will also receive a one of a kind Insider Card Keychain. As a card carrying member of the gang you are granted exclusive scrunchie pricing for one year. 

  • Receive 5% off all Scrunchie Singles
  • Receive 5% off all Scrunchie Two Packs
  • Receive $10 off all scrunchie purchases over $75
  • Spend $100 on scrunchies, get one FREE

PLUS early access to new products, exclusive members only discounts, shopping events, special treatment and extra hugs!

Due to the handmade nature of this item, Scrunchie Insider Memberships are EXTREMELY limited. Hit "add to cart" now to join the club!

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